Our new YXZ 1000 muffler holds proven horsepower

April 6th, 2016

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our muffler line, say hello to the all-new Yamaha YXZ 100R slip-on muffler! The YXZ is one tuned machine, no doubt about it, and by all indications it rides even better than it looks. We put our engineers to the test to see how much more power they could coax out of this potent triple, and they were up to the challenge.

After finalizing the design, we brought the YXZ up to an independent testing facility – Advanced Power Systems Research Center (APSRC) – and had them put it through the paces on their dyno. They ran back-to-back tests between the stock muffler and our soon-to-be-released muffler, and ours walked away a winner. In fact, we added a verified four percent more horsepower at the wheels of this beast with our muffler alone (no fuel controller or other add-on), not an easy task with such a lively motor.

Not only does it perform, it sounds absolutely mean (but not too loud) at all throttle positions. Our signature quiet growl at idle is followed by a nice, deeper tone than stock when you get a bit further into the throttle. The best part? You don’t have to tolerate an ear-splitting top end sound just to get more power – that is what sets our mufflers apart.

The YXZ 1000 slip-on muffler is available in our online store and in our Amazon store as well.