HELO Suspension Mount


Smoother. Twistier. Traction’ier.

Introducing the all-new EZRyde HELO rear suspension mount. This patent-pending rubber mount replaces the stock rear link on most OEM snowmobile suspensions and can be swapped out with minimal effort. Constructed of tough, military grade technology, the HELO controls weight transfer better than stock and also adds additional travel, twist, and additional damping to a stock skid. Tough enough to protect vital electronics in the U.S. military, it handles the torque of a snowmobile suspension with ease.

Bolt-On Speed

The HELO showed impressive results at the 2016 American Snowmobile Real World Shootout. On a ZR 9000, the HELO improved the 1000 foot time by nearly 1/2 a second over the stock sled! For the full write up and results, check out the spring edition of American Snowmobiler magazine.

HELO Benefits:
  • Increased suspension travel
  • Controls weight transfer better
  • Adds additional damping to the suspension
  • Allows the back of the rear suspension to rotate, similar to the Carve™ suspension
  • Eliminates the sharp jolt from the suspension bottoming out


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What our customers are saying:

I have a 2011 Yamaha XTX all stock with the exception of clutching with the HELO installed and my overall all impressions are great.

About me, I’m 6’1” and weigh 300 lbs and I am an aggressive rider. I typically ride about 100-200 miles each time I am out in all conditions.

The HELO weight transfer is awesome! To sum it is up is TTC (total traction control) coming out of the hole or corner to corner the sled really pulls hard and accelerates and still feels like the same handling characteristics that I can tell.

There is some additional damping however I still bottom out. (hard not too at 300lbs). The sled really works well in the wash-outs now I need to work on the front shocks damping.

I feel it’s a win for EZ-RYDE.

Upper Peninsula, MI

1000 miles on the helo. Buy it. For around $500 -$600 installed depending on your skid it really helps. Only have time for a couple quick sentences right now.

Stutter bumps like 1000's of one footers, Those are now gone at speed. Really nice for bottoming out... Yes it still sucks to bottom out but not longer are you jarred on your spine. You get a little rubber bump stop. Help weight transfer from side when in the trail. Easier to turn with leaning.

Top speed runs. --- no difference beside more traction getting up to speed. Had it at 110 - 115 and it was doing just fine for stability.

Yes it really takes time off in the 1000'. Much much more traction especially in the apex xtx skid. Now I can feel the true tq of the engine. Especially at 40 when I nail it.


Purchased a Helo from EZRyde in December, just got around to doing the instal on my 2006 Xfire F7 141" sled. Got the rear shocks rebuilt and replaced the original coil spring with a 2016 dual rate coil.

This Helo gizmo is an incredible item.

Replaces the lower swing arm link with a piece of thick wall rubber tubing laced inside with steel cords. Christian at EZRyde got me hooked up with the right parts for my old CrossFire. The sled hooks up like a real champ and takes the trails like my 2006 F7 firekitty......maybe even better! We drag raced at the lake this weekend and I was amazed how consistently hard the sled hooked up off the line.

The instal was pretty straightforward. You have to drill another pair of holes in the skid behind the original swing arm mounting holes. Skid aluminum is pretty hard so make sure you mark your location and use a small pilot drill, so the drill doesn't walk off the punch mark. I used Loctite on the new mounting bolts. I had to replace the straight zerk on the upper swing arm link with a 90 degree grease fitting aimed at the side of the skid. Makes it easier to grease with the track on.

This is a pricey mod, but worth every penny. Big ole 2" track was downright pleasant on the trails, even when ridden very aggressively through the corners in less than ideal (snow,slush, and ice) conditions in Hazelhurst, WI last week. Thanks Christian and EZRyde!


We did end up finding some bumps in our travels and I can say that the Helo did make a difference in the ride. I was not pushing things too hard, but the extra bit of cushion the mount gives did make a difference and it was nice to not bottom out in that section of the suspension. It is a pretty straight forward operation to put it into any sled and I would say that for anyone wanting to get a bit more from their rear suspension (especially in the bumps) you might want to look into this option. Since it just bolts in, it means that you can also remove it and return the suspension to stock and keep the Helo for your next sled. I know that is what I plan to do!


EZRyde_Sheriff_SledJust a quick note to let you know what I think about the Helo that was put on our department  sled. As you know our department ran the Polaris Rush Pro R for the last 5 years. Those sleds ran like they were on rails.  In December 2015 our Department bought a 2016 Arctic Cat ZR 8000. About a month later the Helo system was installed. What a change in the machine. Acceleration was so much better, The Helo system keeps the entire track on the snow. As for the ride, no more fishtailing on uneven trails,  The system handles the bumps so much better than the stock system.( No more  back problems.)  The Helo system has also improved the cornering. Prior to the Helo being installed, it seemed to want to plow through the corners. I think that the Helo system has improved the overall performance of our sled.

Houghton, MI

I was having a bad ride on my 2016 Vector single shot suspension.  I had stabbing back pains from the stutter bumps on the trail.  After installing HELO, I did not have the sharp whip in the suspension any longer!  My sled handles better on take off and hooks up better on the trails.


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