EZRyde Trail and HELO Gain Traction, Eat Up Moguls

February 5th, 2016

Houghton, MI – February 5, 2016 – EZRyde, an aftermarket powers ports product manufacturer, has recently released in-depth customer reviews on their Trail suspension and HELO suspension mount. Released earlier this winter, the HELO and Trail have finally been put to the test with the recent snow in the Midwest and the reviews speak for themselves.

EZRYde_Trail_SuspensionThe Trail is a complete snowmobile suspension that replaces a stock suspension. Because it mounts to the tunnel differently than a stock suspension, the Trail achieves a ride quality that is far superior to stock, yet sheds weight and snow due to its single-swingarm design. The high-quality, custom built shocks don’t fade under aggressive riding and the twist feature offers ultimate traction through rough conditions.

An aggressive and fast trail rider from Wisonsin recently reviewed his Trail suspension by saying “Track to ground contact, stutter bump performance and most importantly large corner mogul performance were all outstanding. High speed large bump control was by far the biggest factor that allowed me to pull away from the other riders. Once I realized that these would be almost completely absorbed, I did not have to back off for control reasons.” Other reviews and first impressions can be found at the EZRyde Trail page here http://ezryde.com/ezryde-trail/.

EZRyde_HELO_webThe HELO replaces the rear link on a stock snowmobile suspension and offers much better traction than the stock link. It controls weight transfer far better than stock and also offers increased travel, additional damping, twist, and eliminates the hard jolt when a suspension bottoms out. Built out of rubber and reinforced with steel cable, the HELO is extremely tough and the test units showed no signs of wear after thousands of miles.

A snowmobiler with a HELO installed on his Yamaha XTX just wrote “Stutter bumps like 1000’s of one footers, those are now gone at speed … Yes it really takes time off in the 1000′. Much much more traction especially in the Apex XTX skid. Now I can feel the true torque of the engine. Especially at 40 when I nail it.” First impressions and testimonials can be found on the HELO page here http://ezryde.com/helo/.

For more information or to order, go to EZRyde’s Dealer Locator page http://ezryde.com/find-your-dealer/, order through a Western Power Sports (WPS) dealer, or order online at https://ezryde.com.