Save 40% at Memorial Weekend ATV/UTV Rally

May 24th, 2016

Ready to add horsepower to your YXZ, RZR, or Wildcat? Join us this weekend at the Memorial Weekend ATV/UTV Rally in Hurley, WI for our HUGE 40% OFF sale. Today through Monday get 40% off any in stock EZRyde muffler and gain up to 12% more horsepower! Pre-purchase your muffler now by calling (906) 482-7530 or emailing us at and we will bring your muffler to you (and help with install) or buy at the Rally all weekend. Hurry,… [Read More]

Our new YXZ 1000 muffler holds proven horsepower

April 6th, 2016

We are excited to introduce the newest addition to our muffler line, say hello to the all-new Yamaha YXZ 100R slip-on muffler! The YXZ is one tuned machine, no doubt about it, and by all indications it rides even better than it looks. We put our engineers to the test to see how much more power they could coax out of this potent triple, and they were up to the challenge. After finalizing the design, we brought the YXZ up to an independent testing… [Read More]

An early March ride with John Dee

March 8th, 2016

With forecasted temperatures rising and the snow pack melting, we met up with local meteorologist John Dee last week for a ride through the heart of the Keweenaw. We rode a mixture of flat trails, whooped-out logging roads, and (of course) climbing through the trees that the area is so well known for. John invited us out after he had a HELO installed in his 2016 M8000 and hadn’t had the opportunity to ride it much, so we also gave his 2012 M800 with… [Read More]

EZRyde Trail and HELO Gain Traction, Eat Up Moguls

February 5th, 2016

Houghton, MI – February 5, 2016 – EZRyde, an aftermarket powers ports product manufacturer, has recently released in-depth customer reviews on their Trail suspension and HELO suspension mount. Released earlier this winter, the HELO and Trail have finally been put to the test with the recent snow in the Midwest and the reviews speak for themselves. The Trail is a complete snowmobile suspension that replaces a stock suspension. Because it mounts to the tunnel differently than a stock suspension, the… [Read More]

EZRyde Introduces Proven UTV Performance Exhaust

May 29th, 2015

Slip-On Muffler Increases Horsepower while Retaining Quality Sound Houghton, MI – May 29, 2015 – EZRyde, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket snowmobile suspensions, is proud to introduce an all-new Performance Exhaust slip-on muffler for UTVs and Side by Sides. The high-quality, ceramic-coated muffler is easy to install, gains impressive, dyno-proven horsepower and torque numbers, and retains quality sound with proven decibel levels through certified testing methods. Available now for a number of UTVs, additional models are in the works with ATV and snow… [Read More]

All-New HELO Increases Performance of Stock Suspension

March 27th, 2015

We are proud to introduce the all-new EZRyde HELO rear suspension mount. This rubber mount replaces the stock rear link on most OEM snowmobile suspensions and can be swapped out with minimal effort. Constructed of tough, military grade technology, the HELO controls weight transfer better than stock and also adds additional travel, twist, and additional damping to a stock skid. Tough enough to protect vital electronics in the U.S. military, it handles the torque of a snowmobile suspension with ease…. [Read More]