An early March ride with John Dee

March 8th, 2016

JohnDee_sledsWith forecasted temperatures rising and the snow pack melting, we met up with local meteorologist John Dee last week for a ride through the heart of the Keweenaw. We rode a mixture of flat trails, whooped-out logging roads, and (of course) climbing through the trees that the area is so well known for. John invited us out after he had a HELO installed in his 2016 M8000 and hadn’t had the opportunity to ride it much, so we also gave his 2012 M800 with a Carve™ suspension a good workout too.

Pounding through logging roads that had only a couple inches of fresh snow on top of a deep, hard base, both products were really put through a wide variety of conditions and terrain. The Carve was absolutely at home in these these conditions, eating up the whoops, the off-camber bumps and hardly even feeling those surprise moguls that throw a stock suspension for a loop. The HELO performed extremely well both on the trail and in the hard snow pack, and here’s what John had to say about it:

We did end up finding some bumps in our travels and I can say that the Helo did make a difference in the ride. I was not pushing things too hard, but the extra bit of cushion the mount gives did make a difference and it was nice to not bottom out in that section of the suspension. It is a pretty straight forward operation to put it into any sled and I would say that for anyone wanting to get a bit more from their rear suspension (especially in the bumps) you might want to look into this option. Since it just bolts in, it means that you can also remove it and return the suspension to stock and keep the Helo for your next sled. I know that is what I plan to do!

From the trails to the views, it was a great day to get out and ride. Thanks John!


EZRyde_HELO_ProClimb_lowres JohnDee_HELO